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Made with organic Mct oil (coconut oil) and full-spectrum hemp extract

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Nana's Rub Spearmint Hemp Salve | all organic | 300mg

This is our original Nana's Rub product with the minty spearmint scent and heavy glass.

With over 300mg of cannabinoids, this product is more than just a skin moisturizer.

Try our other Nana's Rub products below that are formulated with other essential oils like camphor and menthol for deep penetrating relief from Standard Relief to Extreme Relief.

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Infusing with cannabis for natural pain relief | by: mmj_david

Learn how to use cannabis the way nature intended. Have the confidence and power to make all your products at home. Save money and control the quality of your edibles. MMJ_David has been helping people find relief with cannabis for over 12 years. Cannabis can be used for a variety of reasons. Get the best out of your experience with cannabis.

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